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What’s the Answer to this Question?

Students deal with hard questions every day in maths, languages and other subjects but for some one of the most difficult is, ‘so what are you going to do when you leave school?’ And it can be a worry for parents.

The Victorian Government has launched Engaging Parents in Career Conversations, which Education Minister Martin Dixon says will enable parents and carers to get their children talking about subject choices, courses and career opportunities.

Parents and children talking together is an important start to what might turn out to be many conversations as sons and daughters progress through school.

Parents can explore and investigate different pathways, sometimes starting in primary school. They can determine their children’s likes and dislikes and introduce them to new experiences, opening their minds to opportunities.

The world around the student is changing rapidly, and so is the young person. It is not surprising that what seems a great idea one day disappears the next. A casual conversation with families and friends might cause a change of direction. For some, however, the decision is made early and remains the objective throughout school.

Support is available to make choosing a career easier. Many Independent schools employ career counsellors who are able to provide students and parents with information, or in other cases work with individual students providing guidance and professional expertise.

Independent schools take career counselling very seriously. We run professional learning programs for our Member Schools to enhance the skills and widen the knowledge of counsellors and other staff, and include useful information for counsellors on our website.

Visit the Independent Schools Victoria website for information and links to organisations and programs including Job Guide, My Future and Victorian Skills Gateway. The Victorian Government’s initiative is at Engaging Parents in Career Conversations.



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